Austin/Blanco/LBJ Ranch/Fredericksburg/Luckenbach
November 18,2017

Road Relics enroute to the LBJ Ranch (photo by Jack Hawkins)

Our club joined the combined club hill country tour set up by the Road Relics, the Central Texas Region affiliate of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA).  The temperature was perfect for top-down driving, never mind a "frisky" breeze.  Club members participating were:
  • David Ayer
  • Ron Borden
  • Eric Brown
  • Jack and Simina Hawkins
  • Lynn McKinnie
  • Brett and Julie Miller
  • DJ and Pat Stamp (AACA member also - and organizer of the tour)

Pat & DJ in the Street Dreams showroom

The tour started from two locations, Austin and Blanco.  After driving scenic back country roads both groups met at the Lyndon B. Johnson Historical Park between Johnson City and Fredericksburg.  While here everyone was free to tour the Johnson Ranch House, LBJ's birthplace and burial site.

LBJ Ranch House/Texas White House

Behind the home was the hanger and airstrip.  The runway could not accommodate Air Force 1 so Presidential parties had to either fly into Austin and, from there, helicopter to the ranch in Marine 1 or fly in a Lockheed JetStar, a 4-engine corporate jet. It is rumored that the President dubbed the Jet Star "Air Force One - Half"


The Presidential Lockheed JetStar (Cockpit area and Presidential Seal seen at right)

After departing the ranch the group drove to Fredericksburg for lunch at either Hilda's Tortilla Factory or Backwoods BBQ.

Backwoods BBQ                                                      Street Dreams              

After lunch the next stop was Fredericksburg Trade Days, then on to Luckenbach to listen to some "pickin'" and do some "grinnin.'"

Healeys present were (left to right above):  Eric Brown's recently purchased "Nasty Boy", Hawkins', Borden's, Miller's, & McKinnie's

Here's a closer look at the cockpits of two Healeys that most club members have not yet seen:
   Eric Brown's "Nasty Boy"                                                           Jack & Simina Hawkins' BN6

Eric's "engine room" containing a Chevy 327 c.i. (or 5358 cc) V-8 topped with a 4 barrel carb