August 12, 2017, at The Wimberley Way, featuring "amy's ice creams"
by Bob Adkins

Summer.     Texas.     Heat.

What better way to cool off than by having some ice cream in the shade of a huge old oak tree? OK, beer in the shade of an old oak tree would be right up there, or maybe swimming in Barton Springs, or… but I digress. We met in Wimberley at the Wimberley Way for some “amy’s ice creams”. It was a 100+ day so few were brave enough to drive their Healeys (kudos to Lynn McKinnie for driving his). Also driving a Healey was John Holzer, a potential new member from the Dripping Springs area. He bought his 3000 Mark III when he was seventeen so he’s had it a few years. He used it as a daily driver for quite a while but it’s in good shape and essentially unrestored with a nice hardtop. We managed to find enough seating under the oak trees to enjoy the ice cream and socialize - and there was a business meeting. Jaime and Doris Molina brought their grandchildren (Samantha and Marcelo). Also attending from the club were Jim and Karen Richmond, DJ and Pat Stamp, Brett and Julie Miller, Ron and Lera Borden, and Tina, I, and my father, Bob Murkland. The ice cream was great - well it’s "amy’s", so of course. . . Conversation topics as usual ranged far and wide. Several of us decided on a haircut and stopped at the Barbershop in Dripping Springs on the way home for option 2. Looking forward to our next get together.

Lynn Mckinnie's BJ8 in the foreground, John Holzer's BJ8 behind Lynn's

D.J. Stamp, Lynn McKinnie, Brett Miller, Karen & Jim Richmond
with Jim conducting a club business meeting

Jim Richmond, Bob Murkland - Bob Adkin's father,
Pat Stamp, Tina Adkins, Lera Borden, and Julie Miller

Brett & Julie Miller, Club guest John Holzer

Bob Murkland, D.J. Stamp, Bob Adkins, & Pat Stamp enjoying Amy's Ice Cream


John Holzer's BJ8 behind Lynn McKinnie's BJ8

Brett Miller, Lera Borden (seated), Jim Richmond, & John Holzer