June 17, 2017
San Marcos, Luckenbach, Johnson City

By Jim Richmond

The third time was the charm! We finally ran last years tour, well half of it anyway (more later). The weather on Saturday, May 13 was perfect for a drive through the South Texas hill country on some of the best curvy roads in Texas. But first, Lynn McKinnie, Brett and Julie Miller, Bob and Pam Chamberlain, Jim and Karen Richmond and David and Bonnie Ayer had breakfast at Henry’s Restaurant in San Marcos. After Breakfast Bob and Tina Adkins and Ron and Lera Borden joined us for the tour.

Breakfast at (not Tiffany's) Henry's Restaurant, San Marcos

Seated left, front to back:  David Ayer, Bonnie Ayer, Lynn Mckinnie, Karen Richmond
Standing:  Bob & Tina Adkins, Lera Borden, Julie Miller

Seated right, front to back:  Brett Miller, Pam Chamberlain, Bob Chamberlain
Standing:  Tina Adkins, Lera Borden, Jim Richmond

We left Henry’s twenty minutes late in five Healeys (Lynn’s BJ8, Chamberlain’s 100M, Miller’s BN4, Adkin’s BT7-1, and Borden’s Sprite MKIV, a Miata (Richmond’s). We had a short delay when Ron thought his Sprite was low on oil. Turns out that his newly rebuilt engine is so clean that it was hard to see the oil on the dip- stick! Our scenic route took us from San Marcos, through Blanco, past our highway pickup area and on into Luckenbach for our planned twenty minute stop. Michael and Joy Escriva left home for San Marcos in their Bugeye but only went a short distance when the Sprite developed engine problems. He called while we were at breakfast and said they would join us later in another vehicle. Michael and Joy, driving a Mercedes SLK, and the Borden’s friend, Glen Bilyeu, also driving an SLK, met us in Luckenbach.

Luckenbach Stop-Over

Healeys,owned by, left to right, front to back:  McKinnies, Adkins, Millers, Chamberlains, Bordens

Our twenty-minute stop turned into forty-five minutes and at this point some participants were getting hungry. So we took a vote on whether to continue with the scenic tour or take a more direct route to our designated lunch spot in Johnson City. Hunger and thirst won the day so we heading down US 290 to the Pecan Street Brewing brew pub and restaurant where we were met by Jaime and Doris Molina, who graciously had reserved tables for our hungry group.

Lunch at the Pecan Street Brewing, Johnson City

From left to right:  Jaime and Doris Molina, Bob and Pam Chamberlain

From left to right:  Julie Miller, Tina Adkins, Brett Miller, Joy and Michael Escriva, Lynn Mckinnie, Bob Adkins

From left to right:  Jim and Karen Richmond, Lera Borden, club guest Glen Bilyeu

After lunch we all headed home in different directions. Thus, half of the tour remains to be run sometime in the future.