Austin, Boerne, San Antonio
Saturday, February 24, 2018

The event actually was a Progressive Breakfast/Brunch, Appetizers, Dinner, and Dessert party.  Brunch began in Austin at the home of Julie and Brett Miller.  Julie describes their portion as follows:

Breakfast/Brunch at the Millers'
I'm all about matter what time of day so when Bonnie asked if I would be part of the Progressive Dinner I said I would be happy to provide a meal.  After a brief discussion of the actual logistics, we agreed that breakfast would be the best way to start the day.  My favorite meal of the day!  But then I came to the sudden realization that I had no time to prepare any kind of a meal. What I lack in time and skills, I make up for in resourcefulness.  I ordered a yummy spinach and cheese quiche as well as a breakfast strudel from a great little German bakery.  Perfect!  Jump to the morning of the breakfast.....

The breakfast strudel and quiche hot out of the oven

Julie laying out the spread

Quiche and breakfast strudel warmed and ready, yogurt with fruit and granola, coffee, OJ and last, but not least....champagne. Can't have a brunch without champs! Our guests arrived and I was actually ready for them! We welcomed:
  • Tina and Bob Adkins
  • Ron Borden
  • Bonnie, David, and Eric Ayer
  • Denene and Jeff Whitmore
  • Michael Manser
 Brett Miller & Jeff Whitmore sampling the goodies Bob Adkins & Mike Manser listening to Brett’s tale

We ate, chatted, laughed and packed up to head on to the next part of our meal. Bordens, here we come!

Appetizers at the Bordens'
In spite of fair warning by Ron about a mud covered section of road between the Millers’ and his home, the Millers, Adkins, Ayers, and Whitmores followed Ron anyway. Those cars arrived with a license plates obscured with mud, and others with backup cameras blurred with the tan goo. Fortunately no Healeys were involved or soiled. All arrived in one piece and were joined by:
  • Karen and Jim Richmond
  • Pam and Bob Chamberlain
  • Michael Escriva, his brother, Charlie, and Charlie’s wife, Jill
  • Rita and John Eslinger
Another delicious spread was awaiting, having been put out by Lera Borden and her sister, Alice Hobbs. Thank you, Alice, for your contribution to a successful course! And this course included cheeses, crackers, chips-n-dips, fruits, and beverages for all ages.

Pam Chamberlain, Karen Richmond, & Bob Chamberlain

Foreground (L-R) Tina Adkins, Rita & John Eslinger, David Ayer.
Background: Michael Escriva, Bob Adkins, Jeff Whitmore,
Bonnie Ayer, Brett Miller, Lera Borden, Charlie & Jill Escriva

 Charlie & Jill Escriva  David Ayer, Bonnie Miller, John Eslinger, Jim Richmond,
Jeff Whitmore (standing), & Rita Eslinger

Main Course at the Escrivas'
By Joy Escriva
Sometimes just being outside will inspire your day. The sunshine, a cool breeze and blue skies – not the case Saturday, February 24th the day of our long anticipated South Texas Austin Healey Club progressive dinner. It was gray overcast, intermittent rain, and worst, muddy roads due today’s of precipitation. Obviously, not the weather for a top down Healey drive! However our plans to host the main course meal of chicken pesto pasta, Italian meatballs and Caesar salad went off without a hitch. Members of the Club arrived in mud splatted cars in anticipation of a meal to share with one another. Part of the beauty of the Austin Healey Club life is that the members are fun loving and flexible. You do not have to plan for the perfect outcome because it’s a given. Although our Healeys were stored in dry, clean (I guess that’s debatable) garages, we enjoyed time together in laughter and fun. Most memorable for us was having Michael’s brother Charlie and his wife Jill visiting from New York. They fit in beautifully and had so much in common with the club members. Jill’s love of quilting and Charlie being a car enthusiast himself. Our memory of this day, like so many others, will be relived again in future conversations and get togethers. Michael and I hope everyone had a good time because we certainly did.

 Bob & Tina Adkins with David Ayer David Ayer, Bob Adkins, Brett Miller, John Eslinger,
Jim Richmond, Charlie & Michael Escriva

The Escriva’s Sprite, Healey 3000, & Joy’s MG-TD David Ayer, Michael Escriva,
Jeff & Denene Whitmore, & Jim Richmond

Desserts at the Whitmores'
By Jeff Whitmore
After wayward directions from the various GPS 'helpers' the fourth and final stop of the progressive dinner found the merry troop in Hollywood Park at the Whitmore residence. Dessert was delivered in the form of cheesecake, brownies and pound cake with whipped cream, ice cream, and fruit for toppin'. Jeff's cheesecake turned out to be quite edible and Denene told of the travails involved in converting a 1-story 1954 ranch-style house into a 2-story Tuscan-esque home. A quaffable liquid refreshment was available from a keg of peanut butter chocolate stout by Guadalupe Brewing. The group engaged in boisterous chatting and wandered the premises until sundown. Thus the day concluded as it had began with driving, food, and friendship leaving memories of another great STAHC event.
Dessert hostess
Denene Whitmore

Jill Escriva, Karen Richmond, Julie Miller, Rita Eslinger,
Lera Borden, & (foreground) Bonnie Ayer
Karen Richmond, Tina Adkins, Brett Miller,
David Ayer, Michael Escriva, & Ron Borden

 The Escriva Brothers Denene Whitmore, Joy Escriva, Bonnie Ayer, Rita Eslinger, & Jill Escriva