Armando Flores' Sprite Tech Session

San Antonio
Saturday, March 10, 2018


By Jim Richmond

Armando Flores is a new member of STAHC and he is new to Austin-Healeys. He has a Sprite that he recently purchased and he is learning about his new fifty-five year old car. Understandably, although it starts and runs, he is also trying to sort out all the minor problems with the Sprite before taking a longer trip with the car. In mid-December last year, Ron Borden and I visited with Armando and his new Sprite and determined that it is a late MK-II with a 1098 engine (chassis and engine ID plates still attached), five speed Datsun gearbox, Pertronix ignition, a Weber carburetor and polarization converted to negative ground. The car is in excellent condition although the engine compartment needs to be cleaned up.
Diagnostics being discussed by, from L to R:
Brian Blackwell, Jim Richmond, David Ayer, and Armando


On Saturday, March 10, Ron, David Ayer, Brian Blackwell, John Eslinger and I went to Armando’s home for a tech session. Armando said the Sprite had the habit of stalling on several test drives. We determined that both the accelerator and choke cables were too long causing binding upon operation. We shortened the cables, reworked the linkage and cleaned out the bowl on the Weber.
 David and John checking the Weber carburetor

We also determined that power was getting to the fuel gauge, but that either the gauge or the sending unit was defective. After doing a compression check all cylinders were found to be OK. We went over other items on Armando’s to do list, offering several suggestions.

Brian suggested that Armando install a fuel pump cut off (inertia) switch as a safety measure. I think that this is an excellent suggestion for all of our members.

At lunchtime we were delighted that Armando had fixed delicious briskets, sausage and tortillas which we washed down with a variety of beer.

From Armando: “I really enjoyed everyone's knowledge, input and hands-on with my Sprite tune-up during our Tech Session. I have a lot to learn still but I really enjoy riding in my Sprite & look forward to keep upgrading & fine tuning this Classy Classic. Thanks again for everyone who attended and everyone having pride of owning a HEALEY! GOD BLESS! ARMANDO