Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum
San Marcos, Texas
Sunday, December 3, 2017

This year's party began with a tour of the collection of phenomenal vehicles in the museum.  Guests were greeted by a 1918 Milburn Eclectric Runabout upon entering the display garage.  Some of its stablemates include a Stanley Steamer, an Auburn Boattail Speedster, a Cord, a Stutz, a Tucker Torpedo, all the way up to a 1959 Edsel.  And the Batmobile!

1918 Milburn Electric Runabout

1931 Cadillac 452A V-16 Sport Phaeton

1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe
(Wouldn't the metallic blue on the body look terrific on a Healey?!)

HOLY HEALEYS, Batman - I don't think we're in Gotham anymore!

We had special guests at the party this year.  Alex and Anne Robertson, seen below, from the Queensland area of Australia joined us.  We were so happy that they were able to be with us.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed meeting them. 

After completing the museum tour the members gathered in the banquet room for socializing followed by partaking of the catered meal and desserts brought by club members.  The admission to the museum and the catering were provided by the club.

Makayla Lutrick before and after dinner!

Once everyone was sufficiently stuffed the business meeting was conducted, led by club president Jim Richmond.  The main agenda item was election of club officers and appointment of club function heads.  All 2017 positions will remain filled by the same persons for 2018.  For a list go to the Club Officers page of this website.  Other business included a treasurer's report by Bob Adkins, and a report by Lynn McKinnie about the South Texas All British Car Day event.

The planning meeting for 2018 club activities was set for January 20, 2018.  The time will be posted on the STAHC website as soon as it is announced.

Last, and definitely not least, was the gift exchange.  "Exchange" doesn't quite do the event justice with selected gifts being eligible to be claimed by members next in line to . . . . well, you would have had to have been there to get the full effect of how it works - or doesn't work!  Regardless, it was, as always, the most enjoyable and entertaining part of the party.