Brian Blackwell's Sprite Tech Session

On Saturday morning, April 28, several STAHC members including Ron Borden, Ed Dingivan, Jim Eigner, Lynn McKinnie and Jim Richmond gathered at Brian Blackwell’s home to help with his 1968 Sprite restoration. The plan was for Brian to start his recently rebuilt engine for the first time with helpers watching for oil leaks.

Lynn McKinnie and Jim Richmond getting ready for the Tech Session on Brian Blackwell’s ‘68 Sprite

However, upon turning on the ignition to pump fuel to the Weber carburetor we discovered that fuel was leaking out of the bowl and overflowing into the carb itself and even the intake manifold and cylinders. Off came the Weber. We discovered that the floats and the needle valve had not been installed correctly. Upon reassembly (several times) by our wannabe mechanics, the problem was solved. However, the choke cable was found to be defective and Brian decided, wisely, to let the remaining gasoline evaporate while he obtained a replacement cable.

Carburetor removal
Ed Dingivan, Jim Eigner, Brian, Lynn, & Jim
diagnose and resolve the carburetor problem

Brian and his pot of delicious
chicken and sausage jambalaya

It was now time to stop and enjoy Brian’s great Cajon cooking. It was good seeing new STAHC members Ed Dingivan and Jim Eigner at this tech session.