Spring 2018 Highway Pickup

Farm Road 1623, west of Blanco
Lunch at the Redbud Cafe in Blanco
Saturday, March 24, 2018

Because it had been over 6 months since our last pickup there was a significant amount of rubbish that had accumulated. Fortunately a lot of what we collected can be recycled. And even a few items could possibly be modified for use in a Healey(?).

Brett & Julie Miller, Hannah Whitmore, DJ Stamp, Bob Adkins, Pat Stamp, Tina Adkins, Denene Whitmore, Jim Richmond

As we have done many times in the past lunch was enjoyed at the Redbud Café in Blanco . Thanks to very nice weather and a table being available on the porch, we enjoyed an open air meal. As always, their sandwiches, salads, cookies and draft beer were absolutely top-notch!

DJ & Pat Stamp, Tina Adkins, Denene Whitmore, & Julie Miller

Brett Miller, Hannah Whitmore, Bob Adkins, & Jim Richmond