2018 Planning Meeting

On Saturday, January 20, several STAHC members met at Jim and Karen Richmond's home to plan events for 2018. Their efforts can be found in the events calendars in the club's newsletters, Regional Rumblin’s, and in the website Calendar. We started with a pizza lunch with many side dishes, desserts and other snacks provided by the following members:
  • Tina and Bob Adkins
  • Bonnie and David Ayer
  • Joy and Michael Escriva
  • Lynn McKinnie
  • Brett Miller
  • Karen and Jim Richmond
  • DJ Stamp
  • Denene and Jeff Whitmore

Tina Adkins, Jeff Whitmore, DJ Stamp, & Denene Whitmore

Jeff and Denene Whitmore, Bob Adkins, Lynn McKinnie, & Bonnie Ayer

Bonnie Ayer, Brett Miller, & David Ayer

Brett Miller, Michael and Joy Escriva, Karen Richmond (hidden), & Bonnie Ayer
After everyone had their fill, we got down to business. Our first topic was to discuss eliminating, or at least minimizing, the business portion of the Holiday Party. All were in favor and we decided to hold our elections in October. This year we will do this at a meeting after the South Texas All British Car Day (STABCD) the last weekend of October at the Richmond's home – it is just seven miles from Boerne Plaza, the venue for STABCD. Other business can be discussed at this time or at the Planning Meeting in January. The Holiday Party can then be devoted solely to visiting with fellow STAHC members, eating and having fun!

Bonnie Ayer, Bob Adkins, Jeff Whitmore, David Ayer, Michael and Joy Escriva

Next, we looked into the possibility of forming planning groups in both Austin and San Antonio. This idea came from a report at the fall AHCA Delegates Meeting from the New England Region Delegate that they had formed such committees, called “wings”, to plan events for their areas. That Region covers all of New England and has over 300 members. All in attendance felt that the idea would not work in a club our size and might cause a divide between members in the two major cities that we cover. STAHC has one-tenth the membership and covers a much smaller area than the New England Region.

Bonnie Ayer, Bob Adkins (hidden), David Ayer, Brett Miller, Denene Whitmore,
Lynn McKinnie, DJ Stamp, Michael & Joy Escriva

Tina and Bob Adkins reported on their efforts to find a site for Texas Healey Roundup 39 (2019) in Dripping Springs. Although no site has been identified for final approval, they feel that there is potential in that area. The group encouraged them to continue the search for venues in Dripping Springs. Stay tuned for further developments.

A suggestion was made to consider on line voting for next year’s officers so that all STAHC members can take part. Ron Borden and Jim Richmond will look into the feasibility of doing this.

Lynn McKinnie, Brett Miller, David Ayer, DJ Stamp (hidden), Michael Escriva, Denene Whitmore,
Joy Escriva, Tina Adkins, Bob Adkins, Bonnie Ayer, Karen Richmond

We then proceeded with scheduling events for the coming year. As mentioned earlier, you can find the results in the club newsletter's events calendar. There should be enough variety to please each of you. However, if you would like to suggest something else or you would like to help with an event that is already scheduled please let a club officer know.  Contact information can also be found in the club's newsletters and here on our website.

To summarize, all agreed that our goal for 2018 is greater participation from all STAHC members.