2018 Hill Country Tour

Put on your driving shoes and let's enjoy the
Texas Wildflowers as we tour the Hill Country!

On Saturday May 12, we met at the Stripe/Exxon station south of Blanco on US 281. It was a beautiful spring morning with sunshine, a nice breeze and comfortable temperature. We filled our gas tanks to complete a planned 100 mile trip on Hill Country roads with no filling stations along the way. We were in 10 cars from a variety of countries, much like a UN peace keeping force, to include:

Britain (5):  
Borden’s Sprite
Chamberlain's 100M
Graves' BJ8
Hawkins' MGB-GT
Mckinnie's BJ8

Germany (3):  
Adkins' VW
Escriva's Mercedes
Miller's BMW
Japan (1):  
Richmond's Miata
USA (1):  
Ayer's Chrysler minivan

Our scheduled departure at 10 AM was postponed to 10:30 so we could visit and catch-up with each other.

David Ayer, Lynn McKinnie, Michael Escriva,
Brett Miller, Jack Hawkins, & Bob Adkins

Joy, Simina Hawkins,
Tina Adkins,& Lera Borden
Michael Escriva, Bob Adkins, Bob Chamberlain, David Ayer, Jim Richmond, & Bonnie Ayer (Chamberlain’s 100-M)
After about 50 miles into the route we stopped at Harry’s in Willow City. (Just off Hwy. 16 north of Fredericksburg) Harry’s is an old house converted into a place to buy cold drinks and get rid of your previous drinks. Outside the house were a few tables and chairs under shade trees and a four man band playing and singing a variety of music we all enjoyed. We stayed for almost an hour.

The next 50 miles had more wild flowers than the first 50. There were no Bluebonnets, but lots of others. All of the roads we traveled were smooth, had lots of curves, very little traffic and lots of scenery.

In addition to the pleasure of being with our friends and driving our cars on nice roads through beautiful country, we also learned how far our big Healeys can go on a full tank of gas if we can’t use the overdrive gear. We learned that Bob Chamberlain’s 100M will go 95 miles on a full tank of gas, just 5 miles short of the restaurant at the end of our drive. Bob had driven from his home to the Exxon station in Blanco and his overdrive work as it should. However, when we all drove out of the station and got on the road, his overdrive would not engage. Fortunately, the gas ran out at a stop light in Fredericksburg where we pushed him around the corner into a La Quinta parking lot. The Millers took him back to his car helped get gas to his car. There was a Walmart a few blocks away and they have plastic gas cans and usually have gas as well. Thanks to those who put Bob back on the road.

The finale for the tour was enjoying Barbeque at Backwoods BBQ in Fredericksburg.  A huge "Thank You" to Lynn McKinnie (tan shirt, below, left photo) for making this tour possible!


Glenn Graves, above left, joined us for the entire tour.
Rick and Kathy Borth, on the left, center photo, joined the group at Backwoods BBQ.
Good to see you again!